Unique Pallet Table for Boys Room

Introduction: Unique Pallet Table for Boys Room


Mini pallet

Four post top balls

Four caster wheels

Black and white printed pictures on standard copy paper

Modge Podge

Paint, clear coat, and ambition!


Sander (preferred)


3/8 drill bit

I began this project with a mini pallet from a scrap pile. I saw the pallet with a solid top and also saw POTENTIAL! I brought it home and sanded it off and on until an idea presented itself.

Step 1: Baseballs

Post top balls were readily available at Lowes. They are generally a little rough, so I sanded them by hand. I then painted the ball shape to resemble a baseball, and the post top portion black.

I sanded the pallet with various grits of sandpaper, using a handheld sander.

I printed baseball themed pictures that I found online, including one of the Babe, and randomly glued them onto the pallet using Modge Podge. I also covered the tops of the prints with Modge Podge to eliminate the possibility of the clear coat messing up the paper.

Step 2: Assembly

I put four coats of Minwax on the top of the pallet to get a smooth surface, as kids can be rough on tables and furniture.

I painted the dividers on the pallet with black paint and used regular wood screws to attach the balls. For stability, I attached each ball using four screws on each corner of the post portion. The casters were a bit tricky as I had already painted the balls and clear coated them. I flipped the table upside down and drilled holes the size of the caster bolts, partially filled those holes with construction adhesive, inserted the casters and let dry for a day.

Step 3: Finished Product

Swing hard, run fast, turn left! My son loves the finished product, and so do I. Total investment was the cost of the post top balls. I typically have paint and clear coat, since I see potential in almost everything. The casters were some I had taken off of a mechanic's seat that fell apart a few years before and were in a bucket of junk in our shed.

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