Introduction: Universal Tetra Pak Bag

In this crazy situation with an unusual amount of free time at home, I decided to look for a new hobby. Since I have never been particularly good at learning languages and much too inflexible to become a yoga star, I decided to give gardening a try.

Unfortunately, my stock of plant pots was limited and so I had to think of something new for my latest plants, offshoots and sowing.

But there is one thing that I never run out of: coffee and the milk for it. Solution found - plant pots made of tetra paks.

And with a little tweak, they even become pretty chic and can also be used for other things.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

- any tetra pack

- scissors

- waterproof marker (optional)

Step 2: Cut Your Tetra Pak

First you have to cut off the top of your tetra pak.

You will no longer need the top part.

Clean the bottom well.

Step 3: Show All Your Agressions

Now it's time to let go of all your frustration:

Roll and knead the tetra pak until it becomes very soft.

Wonderful to unleash all of your suppressed aggressions!

Step 4: ​Peel the Tetra Pak

Over time you will notice how the top layer of the tetra pak peels off and can easily be separated from the layer below.

Peel off everything, only the bottom of the tetra pak can remain.

Step 5: ​Decorate (optional)

Fold the top edge twice to get a nicer finish.

Now you can also give your tetra pak bag an individual touch by decorating and designing it.

Step 6: Bring It to Life

Now it's time to fill your bag!

Use it as a plant pot, pen holder or as a foldable toothbrush mug for your next trip...

Let your imagination run wild!

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