Introduction: Unusual Uses for Coffee Ground

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Everybody makes coffee in the morning
At the end you get coffee grounds
Use these simple tricks for making coffee worth it

Step 1: Brighten Your Pans

Place a few spoons of coffee grounds on a rag and scrape away caked-on dirt
Make sure not to scrap ceramic

Step 2: Remove Smell

Garlic is a great component to your dishes
After chopping garlic or onions, grab a handful of coffee ground and rub in your hands
Afterwards wash away

Step 3: Unclog Drain

Pour coffee grounds down a clogged drain
Ad 3 drops of dish soap and pot of boiling water
This wil clean and clear drain

Step 4: Fresh Fridge

Put coffee ground in a bowl
Put the bowl of coffee ground in the freezer or refrigerator to remove funky orders

Step 5: Remove Scratches

Mix together oil and coffee grounds
Rub the paste into the scratch
Polish area with soft rag
The scratch should be invisible

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