Introduction: Unwrapping the Grinch! Body Paint

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Happy almost Christmas! The Grinch That Stole Christmas is one of my FAVORITE movies! I hope you enjoy!!! <3 Also please take a second to hit that like button and subscribe to my youtube page! . It would really help me out! Thank you everyone! =D

Step 1: Sketching It Out

Just like in a normal art piece I like to sketch out my idea first. For this I take a white eyeliner pencil then map it out in this case I mapped out whee the rip would go

Step 2: Base Grinch Face

I took a light green body paint from Mehron and filled in the whole Grinch face section. I then took dark green body paint from Mehon and filled in the nose, made the eyebrow, and mapped out the wrinkles.

Step 3: Shadowing

I took a dark green eyeshadow from BH cosmetics and I shadowed around the wrinkles (around the nose and eyes) and I also drug some of that color around the edges of the face where the wrapping paper is so it appears as if the paper is above the face.

Step 4: Deeper Shadows

If I felt the need to deepen any shadows I took a black eyeshadow from Urban Decay called blackout and lightly brushed it where I needed it and blended it in.

Step 5: Lip

I filled in only my bottom lip with a peach colored body paint from Mehron, he has a pout lip look going on. haha

Step 6: Eyes

I took a dark green eyeshadow I placed that on my lid, I then took a black eyeshadow and added that to my outer crease and blended it into the green.

Step 7: Wrapping Paper Base

I took a bright red from Mehon and filled in the res of my face. I decided on red not only because red and green are considered 'Christmas colors' but they are also complimentary colors.

Step 8: Wrapping Paper Details

I took a white body paint from Diamond FX and added small white lines all over and then took a silver body paint from Mehron and added a thinker line in between each line .

Step 9: More Details

I added white dots all over the paper and also took that white body paint to fill in the folded back paper.

Step 10: Face Details

Because I had that white out I decided to highlight the Grinch face. (Nose, eyebrows, wrinkles, ect)

Step 11: Shadowing

I took a gray eyeshadow from BH cosmetics and shadowed randomly on the folded paper to make it look wrinkled. I also took black body paint on a detail brush and added lines around the Grinch nose, added eyebrow hairs, nostrils, and deepen some lines. Next I took black to cover my ears.

Step 12: More Shadows

I took a second to deepen up some shadows.

Step 13: Body Base

I used that some green I used on the face to paint in where you will be able to see his skin under the wrapping paper. I took red after that and filled in the rest of the body.

Step 14: Same Wrapping Paper Idea

So repeat the same thing we did on the face for the body! and your done! =D

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