Unwrapping the Grinch! Body Paint




Introduction: Unwrapping the Grinch! Body Paint

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Happy almost Christmas! The Grinch That Stole Christmas is one of my FAVORITE movies! I hope you enjoy!!! <3 Also please take a second to hit that like button and subscribe to my youtube page! Youtube.com/msmaomaoz . It would really help me out! Thank you everyone! =D

Step 1: Sketching It Out

Just like in a normal art piece I like to sketch out my idea first. For this I take a white eyeliner pencil then map it out in this case I mapped out whee the rip would go

Step 2: Base Grinch Face

I took a light green body paint from Mehron and filled in the whole Grinch face section. I then took dark green body paint from Mehon and filled in the nose, made the eyebrow, and mapped out the wrinkles.

Step 3: Shadowing

I took a dark green eyeshadow from BH cosmetics and I shadowed around the wrinkles (around the nose and eyes) and I also drug some of that color around the edges of the face where the wrapping paper is so it appears as if the paper is above the face.

Step 4: Deeper Shadows

If I felt the need to deepen any shadows I took a black eyeshadow from Urban Decay called blackout and lightly brushed it where I needed it and blended it in.

Step 5: Lip

I filled in only my bottom lip with a peach colored body paint from Mehron, he has a pout lip look going on. haha

Step 6: Eyes

I took a dark green eyeshadow I placed that on my lid, I then took a black eyeshadow and added that to my outer crease and blended it into the green.

Step 7: Wrapping Paper Base

I took a bright red from Mehon and filled in the res of my face. I decided on red not only because red and green are considered 'Christmas colors' but they are also complimentary colors.

Step 8: Wrapping Paper Details

I took a white body paint from Diamond FX and added small white lines all over and then took a silver body paint from Mehron and added a thinker line in between each line .

Step 9: More Details

I added white dots all over the paper and also took that white body paint to fill in the folded back paper.

Step 10: Face Details

Because I had that white out I decided to highlight the Grinch face. (Nose, eyebrows, wrinkles, ect)

Step 11: Shadowing

I took a gray eyeshadow from BH cosmetics and shadowed randomly on the folded paper to make it look wrinkled. I also took black body paint on a detail brush and added lines around the Grinch nose, added eyebrow hairs, nostrils, and deepen some lines. Next I took black to cover my ears.

Step 12: More Shadows

I took a second to deepen up some shadows.

Step 13: Body Base

I used that some green I used on the face to paint in where you will be able to see his skin under the wrapping paper. I took red after that and filled in the rest of the body.

Step 14: Same Wrapping Paper Idea

So repeat the same thing we did on the face for the body! and your done! =D

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4 years ago

That's awesome!


Reply 4 years ago

Thank you!


4 years ago

I just saw your contest entry via Illusion Magazine. You have done an amazing job, and even though you were part of the Honorable Mention list, you were still able to create something. Amazing ensemble, and I love the personality coming out of it.


Reply 4 years ago

Thank you so much! I didn't even know I was part of the honourable mentions! That's pretty cool! Haha