Up Cycling by Simone Gordon

Introduction: Up Cycling by Simone Gordon

Ready to make a Lamp!

Step 1: Materials Needed

* 2 Paper plates

* 1 paper towel stick

* Paper or Plastic bags

* Toothpaste top

* Straws or toothpicks

* Glue

* Glue,pens,and markets

Step 2:

* Glue the two paper plates together .

* Create a circle on top of one side of the plastic plate the size of the paper towel stick .

Step 3:

* Place the Paper towel stick into the hole .

* Glue the toothpaste top on the left or right side of the plate

Step 4:

* Ball the paper or plastic bags ups

* glue them together creating any-size lampshade of your choice

* Allow the glue to dry for 10 mins

* Then apply lampshade to paper towel stick.

Step 5:

* Now add any extra colors or personal ideal to make your lamp more creative

* ENJOY :) !!!!

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