Introduction: Upcycled Globe Lamp

This globe has helped me learn all countries, their locations and capitals all throughout my childhood. Even after 20 years, I wasn't ready to part with it. I couldn't get myself to give it to anyone or throw it away. Hence I decided to up-cycle my trusty old globe into a new lamp!

The idea to up-cycle this globe struck me about a year ago, I then duly dug out my globe from the storage and cleaned it, but never really got around to implementing my idea. Even when Instructables had a Lamp Contest, I kept thinking of finishing my project but never actually got around to doing it.

But now with the being in lock-down and plenty of time on my hands and a 'Finish It Already' challenge, I finally stopped making excuses and got around to finishing this simple project.

The Plan- The aim was to up-cycle this old globe into a beautiful hanging pendant lamp. The plan was to cut out a small portion on the lower part of the globe, paint the inside of the lamp wither white or golden, then decorate it by drilling small holes outlining continents/ countries/states etc and finally put in wires and a bulb to make it a lamp!


  • Old Globe
  • Drill with fine drill bits
  • Lamp kit (15 watt bulb, electrical wires, plug)
  • Scissors/ craft blades
  • Dremel cutting tool (optional)

Step 1: Removing the Base/ Stand

    Children's globes are mainly of two types - they're either made with plastic or cadboard/ paper mache.
    My globe was made of plastic.

      The first step was to remove the base which holds it up. This was done by simply pulling it and it just pops off. Sometimes it may be held together by a screw at the base.
      Next, place your globe in a bowl to stabilise it and stop it from rolling around while you work on it.

      Step 2: Cutting Holes

      We need to cut out two circles- one large one at the bottom for the light to come out and a small hole at the top for the wire of the light fixture to go in.

      For the bottom; Make sure the globe is facing North up and South down. using a marker mark the circle that you want to cut out. Or you can just cut along a latitude that was already marked on your globe. I used a latitude around Antarctica (south) The cutting can be done with a craft knife or a Dremel cutting tool if you have one. You basically want to remove the entire continent of Antarctica.

      For the top hole; first assess if you even need to cut a hole. I was able to pass my wires through the old hole that was already there from the globe stand. If you do need to cut a top hole, mark the outline of your light fixture on the top and then follow the same procedure as above.If needed, using sandpaper, scrape the edges of the lamp to smooth them out. I didn't have sandpaper at home during this lockdown. So I covered the edges with black electrical tape to give them a clean look.

      Step 3: Personalising the Lamp!

      This is the most fun and creative part of this entire process.
      Using the smallest drill bit that you have (1/16"), drill small holes outlining continents, countries, states or even cities!

      These small holes will allow light to pass through and will give the lamp a starry appearance!

      These holes can be of cities or countries that you live in, or that are on your bucket list, or just places you really like.

      Step 4: Adding the Light Fixture

      Now feed your pendant light wire through the top hole.
      If you can do basic wiring, you can use a simple bulb, bulb holder and wire and make a pendant light kit yourself!

      Please always use LED bulbs inside these lamps as they don't produce much heat and thus minimise any fire hazard.
      If you're using this lamp as a night lamp, you can also use 10-W bulbs that are very dim and also barely produce any heat.

      Step 5: Hang the Lamp and Switch It On!

      Your lamp is essentially done!
      Now hand the lamp wherever you like it, be it indoors or outdoors. You can even use it as a night light!

      If you need any further clarifications or help, please feel free to comment here or contact me anytime!

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