Upcycled Leather Watch Strap (super Easy)

Introduction: Upcycled Leather Watch Strap (super Easy)

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So my watch strap got old and was in its final stage of life when I decided to put an end to its suffering.
To its luck,I found an old leather belt and with the simplest tools and methods possible, I step into the world of watch straps and bring you this Instructable.

**(in memory of "Old strap")

Step 1: Disassemble to Assemble

-Cut the belt of the desired total strap length
-Cutting will reveal the 3 layers in the belt
-Upper and bottom layer of the belt should be enough for a watch strap
-The middle layer usually is a hard thready and plastic layer which mantains the shape of the belt
-Tear up all the 3 layers apart by hand or a cutter
-Shave all the threads on the top layer and you should have 2 neat layers of the belt

Step 2: Stitch It 1/2

-Stitch the top and bottom layers together as they were in the belt but not the middle layer

-Only stitch on 1 edge for now

Step 3: Cut and Stitch 2/2

-Measure the width of the watch strap and cut accordingly

-This step is done after stitching as cutting without any bond between the layers can lead to different sizes after cutting

- Stitch the other side now and cut the excess or uneven parts of the strap.

Step 4: The Buckle Side!!

-At both the ends in the strap at the buckle's side, cut the lower layer 1inch more than the upper layer

-At one end,clear up some stitching between the two layers but don't cut any

-There,place a loop (again reused from the older one )and stick it with some Superglue

-Don't put too much Superglue else it will harden the strap beyond a bending point.

-Just after your loop, make hole big enough to facilitate the movement of the buckle pin

-Now insert the buckle pin into the hole from beneath.

-All the part of the strap after the point where the pin attaches the buckle should be folded overlapping itself underneath

-Superglue it or stitch it but remember not to glue the rotatory parts

-Do the same to attach this strap to the watch dial

Step 5: The Hassel Free Strap!!

-Cut the end of the strap (at the other side) in an oval and a pointy shape

-Punch holes into the strap

-Glue or stitch it up to the dial in the similar manner

Step 6: Ta-Daaa!!!

-Customize and Express!!!!!

-It just cannot get easier

***Beauty hack:Apply lip balm on the leather straps to make them shiny***


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    7 years ago

    Few years back I tried to fix my my old strap with fevikwik too.. :D
    Unfortunately the leather got brittle and my watch is now handicapped.


    Reply 7 years ago

    Haha...that is a FASTRACK watch