Introduction: Upcycling a LCD Into a Illuminated Photo Frame

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We all might have come across this, Broken and Thrown away Monitors and Laptop LCD's, well they can be recycled and re-purposed into cool stuffs, In this Instructable, I'm gonna show you how to turn a old LCD monitor into a illuminated Photo Frame.

Step 1: Gathering the Parts

Things You will be needing:

An old LCD monitor - While walking around I found this monitor over the trash, I took it home.

(The Reason I'm using this is because the Back light is CCFL, which has small quantity of mercury, I don't want that to pollute the environment,upon examination I found that it had 4 CCFL tubes and there was Screen Leakage)

LCD Inverter (In my case the Power Supply Board was Dead, so had to make this Purchase)

LM7805 - 1nos(5V Regulator)

DC socket

Some Laptop Power Supply( I had a 12V, 3A supply around)

Screw Drivers

Miniature Push Switch

Prototyping Board

Soldering Iron

Anything you want to make a sturdy support

A nice Scenic Picture

Step 2: Dismantle and Tinkering

Start to unscrew and open up the LCD, Here is the Power Supply board, which couldn't power up.

We wont be needing the LCD panel, the black glass that shows the Images. So remove that too, All we need is the White Surface with the Lights.

So I soldered the components according to the schematic diagram.

Step 3: Resplendent

The next important thing is the final finish, Cut and Fold the image so it looks like perfect.

Use some instant glue and paste the image.

For the support I'm using the back plate of the monitor itself, with a piece of acrylic sheet so it could sit on my table.

and Voila! Check out the Pics.


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