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Introduction: Update to My First Post

I posted earlier on how to make a horseshoe Christmas tree. I finally made a star to top it.
Thanks for taking a look!

Step 1: Get Your Nails

You need eight nails for this step.

Step 2: Heat Em' Up!

A propane torch works great for the nails heats them up and makes them easy to bend.

Step 3: Bend Em'!

Take some needle nose pliers and twist them to your liking.

Step 4: Add a Backing to It

I used a small washer for this step. I heated it up and hammered it. Then polished it. I picture a quarter for effect.

I traced the quarter to get the circle and used a bench grinder to remove the excess metal from the sides to make it circular.

Step 5: Epoxy Time!

I epoxied mine together. You can use jewelers solder but I don't have any.

Step 6: Finish It Up!

After painting drill a 3/32 hole into the horseshoe and epoxy it into place. And now you have a star topper for your horseshoe Christmas tree.

I ended up clear coating the whole thing with polyurethane rattle can spray to reduce rusting.

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    Ben Finio
    Ben Finio

    7 years ago

    Quick suggestion - you might want to give this a more descriptive title. People scrolling through the site won't necessarily know what your first post was, so "update to my first post" could mean anything. Something like "Add a star to a horseshoe Christmas tree" would work.


    7 years ago

    Horseshoes are supposed to face up