Introduction: Updated Solar Laser + Led Now With Power Bank

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I use a power bank circuit for the USB and instead of supercapacitors I used nickel metal hydride for the LED and I added a laser pointer and for the power bank I used a lithium cell and charge using USB not solar.and I added a backup solar panel on the back just in case the first one fails. and I added alligator clips so that way you can use the nickel metal hydride battery to power other things. both solar panels are for charging a nickel metal battery and the Power bank just for powering my phone .I need to get my supercapacitors ordered


Step 1: How to Make It

first make holes in the project box for the components. Mount the laser pointer on the top of the box Mount solar cell next to the laser pointer put the battery packs Inside the Box. connect the 4 volt solar panel to the nickel metal battery via a diode. connect the power bank circuit to the lithium cell and put it in the box and make holes for the usb ports. connect the laser pointer module to the nickel-metal battery via a switch connect the other solar cell to the nickel battery by a switch and diode. and you are done. sorry for no pictures I won't dismantle it. time for the optional things. you can add a LED .use a protected lithium cell .you can replace the nickel metal battery with super caps put 2 and Series 2 in parallel.

Step 2: Old Version

Step 3: New Version