Upgraded Budget Moonshine Still

Introduction: Upgraded Budget Moonshine Still

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How to budget a still together

Step 1: Upgrades

Tracked down a 5.5 gallon copper jug needed a few repairs fixed with lead free silver solder. Original still base was fitted with 1-1/2" copper lyne arm and used for the cap. Thermometers were added at 15 bucks a pop off eBay. The thumper is 1/2 gallon mason jar. Took an old copper coaster and trimmed it down used that for plate on thumper 2 dollar rubber mason jar seal. Brass planter was used as worm bucket to avoid leaks once copper worn soldered into place 32 dollars for 3 different sizes brand new off eBay.. Start cooking at your own risk

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    7 years ago

    Canning is done at high temps that glass is ok it's tempered for the heat. The rubber doesn't come in contact with anything it's around the ring, and ferrule gaskets for kegs are the same silicone/rubber compound. Also a still itself is a ticking time bomb if not sealed correctly


    7 years ago on Introduction

    For fuel you don't need a thumper. For drinking get rid of the rubber. Just because its good for canning doesn't mean its remotely ok to use with solvent like heated alcohol. You want pure cork (not the chopped/glued stuff commonly found).Don't ever use glass in a still, that thumper is a ticking time bomb.