Upgraded Hasbro Lightsaber!

Introduction: Upgraded Hasbro Lightsaber!

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Hello all Instructable fans! Yes, this is an "another lightsaber instructable" but believe me, this one is probably the most worthwhile in time and money. Just keep reading.

I have been a Star Wars fan ever since I saw Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens (then I watched Episodes 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, in that order). The lightsabers were so cool. Me and my friends like roleplaying and doing sword fighting, so why not combine the two with Star Wars? My brother and I each picked up one of the cheap Hasbro flip-out lightsabers at Walmart. Then we fought each other, and decided the pain from them didn't make them incredibly fun. My brother and I drew blood and made some beautiful red stripes on each other from those blades. I decided to make a safe, fun, yet still realistic lightsaber!

I use Darth Vader's saber in the instructable. I intend to publish future instructables that can show how to make different blades for this saber.

Disclaimer: The author of this instructable "Upgraded Hasbro Lightsaber" is not responsible in any manner for any injury or damage caused by this instructable. Any damage or injury caused by this instructable is solely the responsibility of the reader.

Step 1: Materials

I wanted to make a saber that still looked like something from the movie, yet could be used in multiple roles (making movies, playing, show). I decided to use the Hasbro lightsaber hilt and make it so that I can swap out blades, while doing away entirely with the flip-out blade system. The next instructable will be a blade for this.

Here is what you need:

  • Hasbro flip-out lightsaber (I used Darth Vader's lightsaber)
  • PVC with a 1" internal diameter. The external diameter should not exceed the external diameter of the bottom section of the flip-out blade.
  • A dremel kit or similar.
  • Gorilla glue (I got a big tube, so I needed a caulk gun in addition)
  • Caliper to make diameter measurements
  • Knife or small hand saw.
  • Screw, preferably with a wide head.
  • Safety glasses, a must have.

Step 2: Step 1: Remove Blade

The current blade on the lightsaber should be the flip-out kind. As this blade is very painful and often kind of lame-looking, we are going to cut it off. Take the knife or small hand saw and cut off the blade right at the top of the lightsaber hilt. Since the plastic is tough, I didn't bother trying to get the plastic in the saber, let it fall back to the bottom of the saber. You can throw away the flip-out blade.

Step 3: Step 2: Installing the Core

Now that the blade is removed, you should be able to look inside and see the body of the lightsaber hilt. Take a flexible ruler or a tape measure and measure to the leftover plastic blade in the bottom of the handle. Take the measurement about 1/4 inch below the opening of the saber. For me it was 4 1/2 inches. Take your measurement and apply it to your length of 1 inch internal diameter PVC. Cut off that amount. The PVC should be a snug fit into the handle. Mine was too big in diameter and I had to use a belt sander to sand it to size. Before you put the PVC in, take your Gorilla glue and put a generous amount around the inside of the lightsaber handle. The PVC, when installed, will spread around the glue. Push in the PVC and let dry for at least 10 minutes before continuing work.

Step 4: Step 3: Drill Screw Hole

Take your lightsaber handle and use your dremel kit to drill a small screw hole near the top of the saber. This will be a fastening screw to hold the future blade in place. If you are lucky enough to have a screw-tapping kit, use it. Find a screw that sticks about 1/4 inch into the empty handle space. Note: The screw hole should go through the PVC insert you made the last step. Find a screw to fit the hole.

Step 5: Completion!

Congratulations! You have made a lightsaber hilt that will accept any blade with a 1" external diameter! The 1" internal diameter core will allow any round blade that is 1" in external diameter to fit snugly! Please play safely and responsibly with your lightsaber.

Author Note: I intend to make some future instructables on making blades for the lightsaber hilt. I may also make one for Kylo Ren's saber if there is enough popular request. Please feel free to comment on lightsaber blade ideas or if you would like to see another instructable for Kylo Ren's saber.

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    Ben Solo
    Ben Solo

    3 years ago

    I have a Darth Maul basic lightsaber that i would like to customize. Any chance you have done that one or will do?

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    6 years ago

    That's a great idea! What do you use for your blade?

    The Hacker of Life
    The Hacker of Life

    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks for the compliment! A blade is upcoming (have to buy materials). I intend to use a PVC core that will be 1" in external diameter, so that it will perfectly fit the 1" internal diameter hole. This will allow a perfect fit for optimal use. In the future, I can make various kinds of blades (LED, movie prop, foam, flashlight, etc) as long as they have an 1" external diameter.