Upscale Kids Play Table

Introduction: Upscale Kids Play Table

I wanted to make my kid's play table a little more festive and attractive in the play room. I got the idea after coming across the rainbow contest. Even though this contest is inspired by the upcoming Pride month in June, I figured that my family can show support by participating in this contest and showing unity. The rainbow hand prints do just that. I feel that joining hands definitely shows unity and with my family as participants in my project, we prove just that. My children had fun helping me make hand prints for this project, and now take pride in the finished product.

Step 1: What You Need

*Please note that not everything listed is pictured*Tempera paints for the hand prints(red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,and violet)... I had every color for the rainbow except for indigo. Just mix 2 parts blue and 1 part red give or take a little to get a nice result. Blue must be the dominant color. Tempera paints are safe for kids and wash off easily.

  • Multi-surface white acrylic paint,cool blue, and true green
  • multiple paint brushes including foam
  • school glue and water(or mod podge)
  • glitter glue or glitter nail polish
  • scissors
  • hair dryer
  • white computer paper, tissue paper, play table (ours is 25 1/2" by 25 1/2" which is what my project is based on)approximately 4 hand prints of each shade of the rainbow depending on table and hand sizesome handy helpers
  • time and patience
  • Step 2: Getting Started

    • Mix in a jar or glass with a lid: 1 Cup school glue, 1/3 Cup water or buy some mod podge
    • Have your handy helpers(include yourself) make hand prints on the computer paper using all colors of the rainbow from the tempera paints. You may end up with extra hand prints, save them for another project.
    • After the hand prints dry, trim around them with scissors taking care not to try and make them perfect, just do the best you can. See pictures for example.
    • using a foam brush, spread a layer of the glue mix on the table top. Lay pieces of tissue paper on that. You can overlap, just make sure there is a layer of the glue mix under the tissue paper. Use a soft brush to smooth it out. There are going to be ripples, this is good...we want texture here. This is providing a base for the project.
    • After that has dried, spread a coat of white acrylic pain on top
    • After the white paint has dried, use the tip of a wide bristle brush to lightly paint over the white paint using the cool blue. The ripples provided by the tissue paper are excellent in this texture painting. Please see pictures for example. You want to have a sky/cloud type of look, this is your background.

    Step 3: Glue and Varnish

    • The glue mix serves as both your glue and your varnish, it dries clear
    • use the foam brush to apply the glue mix on the table and place the hand print on top. Repeat this process until all the hand prints are glued down.
    • After the hands are glued down, you can use the true green acrylic paint to do the sides of the table, this is optional
    • Using the glitter glue or glitter nail polish, apply glitter to the hand prints, you can do it to all of them or just some
    • make sure to use the hair dryer to help speed up the drying process in between coats of the glue mix, I used the hair dryer and also allowed to air dry
    • after the glitter dries, apply another layer of the glue mix, allow to dry and and repeat this process a couple more times
    • You can use the ruler to scrape across the surface gently to help get rid of air pocket. There is supposed to be ripples for texture, this is ok
    • Allow the table to dry 24 hours before use

    Step 4: Conclusion

    Thank you for viewing and hope you give this project a try!

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