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This is our 3rd instructable: How to assemble 'Sunlight Generator.'

Sunlight generator is a machine that makes energy for our plants. It transforms the solar energy  into the light energy. The plants can grow well even though there are not the sun in the sky because it can save the energy that it made. So, the plants can photosynthesize whenever they want even when there are no sunlight.

Step 1: Urban Gardening - Sunlight Generation

Prepare some equipment about solar battery for your plants. You need a solar panel, a battery, a inverter, a controller, and a light bulb.

Step 2:

1.First, take off sheaths of the wires’ ends. You must do that first because you can only connect it into both controller and solar panel after it. You can use a knife and nipper for this step. It must be a hard work because it requires quite strong power of hand.

Step 3:

2. And then, connect each cable to an appropriate terminal of the controller, the solar panel and the inverter. You can use a screw driver and a tape for electric wire for this step. Pay special attention to this part. If you connect them to an wrong terminal, it definitely won’t work.

Step 4:

3. Now, you can see partial device for solar power. Link it to the battery like doing previous step.

Step 5:

4. Then, go on to the top floor taking the device you made from now on.

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