Introduction: Urban Survival Kit 2.0

About: Hey I am Wasi.I like any thing that shoots and I like my swiss knife :) . I like to make props of anything, I also like to play football and hacking computers and I am AWESOME.

This is my survival kit. This has many things inside. It comes very handy. Please rate and leave comment if you have any questions. Let's start!

Step 1: Container

You can choose any container like altoids tin, a shoe polish tin etc. I have chosen the pouch of my dead camera. It has a lot of space inside. I lock it with my mini lock there is no key. The key was lost. I pick that lock every time I open my kit.

Step 2: Cutting

Inside my kit there is Victorinox Classic SD (the blue one) which has a blade, scissors and a nail file with nail cleaner and I keep Victorinox Cadet Alox in my pocket which has a blade,cap lifter with wire stripper with flathead screwdriver big, can opener with flathead screwdriver small, nail file with nail cleaner. These comes very handy. In the last pic there is a razor blade and a broken piece of a hacksaw. These things are very important in a survival kit.

Step 3: Little Sewing Kit

Sewing kit is important. My sewing kit has black and white thread wrapped on a toothpick. A needle , safety pins and you can also keep buttons.

Step 4: First Aid and Comfort

In my first aid kit there is

band aids

tape. If you are out of band aids use these

paper napkin duh

pills (napa) for headache

alcohol pads

razor blade

Step 5: Light and Fire

For making fire you can use alcohol pads. These are extremely flame able. I have some matches and a striker for lighting the matches. I have a candle. I keep the flashlight inside my kit.

Step 6: Communication

Flashlight, signal mirror, pen, paper, whistle and phone numbers of my family and friends can be used for communication.

Step 7: Flash Drive

Data! You can keep a flash drive in your survival kit. I keep this flash drive in my kit for games. he he

Step 8: Other Things

I have few more stuff in my kit. These are

scotch tape

water tape

phillips head screw driver

rubber bands

sand papers


thumb tacks

signal mirror


Step 9: Finished

There are 28 things inside my kit. They are:

swiss knife (victorinox classic sd)



flash drive

electric tape

scotch tape


safety pins


rubber bands

band aids



razor blade

water tape



matches with striker

note pad



pen blue

pen black


alcohol pads

thumb tacks


paper napkin

Step 10: Use Your Brain

What would your ropes do if you can't tie a knot. What will your matches do if you can't strike them. What will your sewing kit do if you don't know how to sew. Use your brain. Please rate it and leave a comment if you have any question. Thanks for reading.