Usb Hub Pumpkins Coin Tray

Introduction: Usb Hub Pumpkins Coin Tray

Simple pumpkin into two parts, opening to pick up objects or coins or phone battery charger.
- opening lid;
- a hole in the back allows the passage of cables inside;
- a chamfer allows the exit of cables (with the lid closed) as a usb hub, charging betterie phone or camera, etc. ...

Perfect for use on the desk in your home or in your office!
;) enjoy

Step 1: Pumpkin Shape

model a pumpkin or use the template to this page:

Step 2: Create the Opening Lid

Create a plan and use the plan to cut the model into two parts.

Step 3: Create the Chamfer for Cables

Create a cylinder and positioned intersecting the model.
Use the cylinder to cut the model.
The chamfer will serve to bring out the cables on the front of the pumpkin, under the lid.

Step 4: Create the Exit for Cables

Used still a cylinder that bisects the model, to create a hole in the back of the pumpkin.
The hole will serve to let the cables inside the pumpkin from the outside.

Make sure the hole is at the bottom and aligned along the axis with the chamfer of the preceding step.

Step 5: Final: Add Your Own Usb Cables

Print the project and add your own usb cables or battery charger inside the pumpkin.

Perfect for:
- USB extension
- USB hub
- phone charger
- camera charger
- coin tray
- another use...

enjoy ;))

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