Introduction: Usb Lamp With Timer&dimmer (LED)

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555 monostable circuit

Step 1: YOU'LL NEED:

You'll need:

555 timer IC

Resistors (10ohm, 200k, 1k)

Capacitors (0.6mF, 10nF)

Slide switch


Potentiometers (500k, 10k)

Soldering iron & solder

Usb cable( cut off the head that goes to your mobile device, ignore the green and whit wire, what you need is the black and red wire for your power source)

Step 2: Schematic

the period depends on the values of C1 and R2; Rpot1 sets a minimum or maximum period

tmax= 1.1* C1*(R2+Rpot1)


Step 3: Soldering and Testing

Step 4: Building a Case/stand for Your Lamp

I cut out holes to which will give me access to the power source, pushbutton, potentiometer, led's and slide switch

after making sure everything was in place, i painted the box and then installed the circuit in the box

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