Introduction: Use Concrete Column for Storage Niche Closets

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When we first visited our current apartment, we saw a concrete column (pillar) in the side of our room.

At first, we hesitated if we should buy this apartment :)

This column was there due to an expansion of the apartments on our building, so the column was inside an external wall before, and could not be removed after changing the external walls location.

Finally, I decided to divide the area of the column to 2 spaces and in each niche, build a closet.

The closets dimensions are:

1) Width 63cm x Length 250cm x Depth 26cm

2) Width 115cm x Length 250cm x Depth 74cm (Pretty deep closet).

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Step 1: Tools & Materials

General List of tools I'm using -

Tools in this Instructable:

  • Drill Driver
  • Screw Driver


  • Melamine boards
  • Screws
  • Door Handles
  • Door Hinges (4 for each door)
  • Small angles
  • Acrylic silicone
  • Gypsum boards and construction parts

Step 2: The Original State - Column in the Side of the Room

The distance of the column from the walls was 115cm & 63cm.

Step 3: Planning

This is the first time I built such a complex closet.

The column & walls weren't so straight, as you may see on the next steps photos.

I decided to plan the closets measurements on 3D, so it would be accurate as much as possible.

I made the closet from melamine boards.

I ordered the boards with specific dimensions and didn't cut anything myself this time. I had to calculate the correct spaces of the doors so it won't be too small or too big. It was a bit risky due to the crooked walls... but finally it succeeded. :)

NOTE: I'm not providing dimensions for all parts in this instructable since it's very specific niche and not a regular closet. You may ask me on the comments if something isn't clear.

Step 4: Building a Gypsum Wall to Divide to Niches

When I divided the space to the 2 niches, I didn't know I would make this closets.

I built a gypsum wall, with a width of about 7cm. This took some space from the depth of the small closet niche.

If I would of plan it from the beginning, maybe I would divide the space using 18mm wood boards, to save the 5cm depth... but in this case, I could still store enough things on the small closet.

Step 5: Build the Big Closet Base

For each closet, I started by building the bottom base.

Since that the closets were built over parquet, I didn't have to worry about water touching the wood boards, so I put it over the parquet directly.

I made a frame height of 9cm boards and connected them from inside, using angles.

Later I covered it with top board and connected with screws.

Finally, I fixed its location using acrylic silicone around the spaces between the base to the walls.

Step 6: Build the Big Closet Frame

I think that usually carpenters who make such closets, build them completely outside the niche and only then, inserted to the niche as one piece.

I didn't make it this way. I wanted to use less boards.

Since that the big closet depth was big, instead of using full depth (74cm) side boards for the closet, I used narrow boards (7cm), which will be enough for conneting the door hinges later.

I connected the narrow boards with screws to the walls and filled the spaces with acrylic silicone where required.

Later, I connected the middle board with angles to the bottom base and to the ceiling.

Step 7: Build the Small Closet Base

The description here is similar to the 'Big Closet Base' step.

Step 8: Build the Small Closet Frame

The description here is similar to the 'Big Closet Frame' step.

The only change here, is that since this closet is not deep as the big one, I put full depth boards on the sides.

Step 9: Installing the Closet Doors & Shelves

Due to the big height of each door (about 240cm), I connected each one with 4 hinges.

3 of the hinges were soft close model, and one without soft close, so the door will be close silently but not too slow.

I connected all of the shleves with angles on each side.

For each closet, I connected on the top, a narrow piece of board to close the space between the ceiling to the closet doors.

Step 10: Lot's of Storage Space

This is almost the final result... Only door handles are missing.

We're using the left small closet, to store things like toilet paper, baby dipers, wet wipes, medications etc.

On the right closet, we store clothes and due to it's big depth, we can store there also big blankets and many other stuff... :)

Step 11: Adding Handles - Final Result

Finally, I added aluminum handles for the doors.

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