Introduction: Using LCD With a Piezo Speaker (Christmas Theme)

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This circuit consists of a LCD and a piezo speaker and

Arduino .

The LCD will display “Merry Christmas ! and Happy New year ."

The piezo speaker will play "Silent Night ".

This will be accomplished with Arduino and a Code .

The potentiomenter(10 k) will control the brightness of the LCD.

Step 1: Electronic Parts Used in the Circuit

Parts used in the circuit;

Arduino Uno

LCD 16x2

piezo speaker

220 resistor(red,red ,brown)

10k potentiometer



Step 2: LCD 16x2 ;brief Description

LCD means liquid crystal display .It has a microcontroller

in it (See image 1 or 2)

The LCD display controller takes commands from another microcontroller (like Arduino ) to

drive the display . It can display letters or numbers .

It is called 16x2 since it has 16 columns and 2 rows .It has has (16x2) or 32 characters total.

Each character will have a 5x8 Pixel dots . The pixels will light up with electricity and when the Code allow them to.

When you adjust the brightness of the LCD with the 10 k potentiometer you can see the squares and very tiny squares(pixels)

Step 3: The Piezo Speaker

The piezo speaker consists of a piezo crystal between 2

crystals .If you apply voltage across the crystals they will push one conductor and pull on the other .This action of pushing and pulling produces sound .(see image of piezo)

The Code is read by Arduino and produces notes for the song” Silent Night”.The song is heard from the piezo speaker .

Step 4: Setting Up the Circuit

LCD Arduino

Pin 1 VSS ------ Ground on breadboard

Pin 2 VDD ----- applied to positive breadboard rail

Pin 3 ----------------Lead from potentiometer (variable);see circuit-middle lead

Pin 4----------------Connect to Arduino digital 12

Pin 5----------------Connect to ground

Pin 6 (enable)-------------Connect to Arduino digital 11

Pin 7-10--------nothing

Pin 11---------Connect to Arduino digital pin 5

Pin 12----------Connect to Arduino digital pin 4

Pin 13----------Connect to Arduino digital pin 3

Pin 14---------Connect to Arduino digital pin 2

Pin 15-----------Connect to a 220 ohm resistor and then to positive rail (5 volts)

Pin16---------Connect to ground

Connect the 10k potetiometer as shown in the image

Piezo speaker connect positive lead to Arduino digital pin 9

Piezo speaker connect negative lead to ground on digital side .

Connect Arduino 5 volts to positive breadboard and ground to negative bread

Step 5: Conclusion

This project shows how you can use a LCD to display "Merry Christmas and Happy New year ."

Also you can use a piezo speaker to play "Silent Night " with Arduino and Code

The second image is the Code for the LCD and piezo speaker .

This project was created on Tinkercad .It was tested and works .

I enjoyed this project .I hope it helps you understand LCD and piezo speakers and how the can be incorporated in a circuit with a Code .

Thank you