Introduction: Using a DC-DC Adjustable Regulator to Power a Load

Today I will be showing you how to use a DC-DC regulator.

Step 1: Things Needed

The thing that you will need are:

a DC-DC regulator

I bought mine from

A multimeter to check if the display is right

A power source mine was a 12 volt power adapter

A flat head screwdriver for potentiometers

A Phillips Screwdriver for the screw terminals

And a load (mine was an LED)

Step 2: Starting It Up and Running

To get power to the module take the 12 volt adapter leads and screw it into the adapters screw in terminals. Then plug it in. Make sure you know which side is positive because if it is reversed it can burn the module. While doing this I found out that my adapter actually goes up to 18 volts.

Step 3: Checking If the Display Has the Right Voltage

Now we will check if the display on the regulator is the same when hooked up to a multimeter. Take the plug out and connect the multimeter to the module. Power both on and check if the multimeter matches up with the display on the module. The difference between the 2 voltages was only 0.02 volts which is now much considering if you just want to power a LED.

Step 4: Hooking the Load Up

Now you can grab your load. Mine was a 3 volt cool blue LED.Before powering the LED adjust the voltage to 3 volts or whatever you need. Then take the two leads of the LED and stick it into the 2 terminals. Makes sure the power is off when connecting your load. Take note of the positive and negative side of the LED.

Step 5: The Moment We Have Been Waiting For

Now you can plug it into the wall. Huzzah! Your LED should light up. If you have the same regulator I have every time you plug your load in a blue light will light up on the module its self. I cranked my regulator to 3.3 volts for the maximum brightness.

Step 6: Engineer Jokes!

From every Instructable I have from now and on I will have a little engineer joke because sometimes some people are having a bad day so might as well cheer them up :D. Thanks for reading my Instructable and peace out.

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