Introduction: Using a Wireless Doorbell to Turn on a Small DC Motor.

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After asking how to do this, I got several good answers and have gotten it to work. 

BUT, I am new to this and I expect I may have overlooked something or did not do this in the best possible way.

I will list what I did but I am hoping I get some good comments  about alternative ways or steps I should have taken.

Thanks in advance.

1. Remove speaker from the doorbell unit

2. Attach the speaker signal to the CLK pin of the MC14027 flip flop

3.  Wire the Flip flop like the image in the picture which was gotten from the Instructable by nevdull.

4. Then I sent the signal from the flip flop pin 2 to a MOSFET, IRL 630B. 

Now the motor which is connected to the Mosfet will turn on and stay on until I press the button again.  The motor is hard to see in the video but it is in the lower right hand corner and it does go on and off with the button presses.

1. Is the there a way to use the 2 C batteries or the 3 AAA batteries to power both the doorbell and the flip flop or do you need to use separate power supplies?

2. Do I need resistors in other places?

3.  Sometimes the motor requires several presses before it changes state.  Is there an obvious reason why this might happen?

Thanks .

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