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Introduction: VIBRoNAV VIBRating NAVigation

VIBRoNAV is system for navigating by vibration with no need to look at your device. It is for bicycle riders and walkers, when you need your hands free.

It using Android navigation app (HERE is used ) and vibrating "egg" which is connected over Bluetooth.

Just simply put your Smartphone to one pocked, vibrating "egg" to second pocket and turn to side, where you feel vibrations.

Step 1: App for Android

VIBRoNAV using simple application, which is reading notification populated by navigation app. If navigation notified to turn right, application read this notification and makes vibration in your right pocked. VIBRoNAV using smart logic which vibrating so intensive, how close you are to next turn. It starts with small vibration hundreds meters in front of turn just to advice you and putting more and more force how are you coming to the point. Your eyes, hands and ears are free and you can enjoy your trip on the right track.

Download and Install APK

Source code for your improvements is available on git hub

Project is in progress...

Step 2: How to Use

1) Start your HERE navigation, select final destination and start navigation

2) Start VIBRoNAV app, connect to Bluetooth "egg"

3) Put you phone to LEFT pocket, "egg" to RIGHT pocket

4) Enjoy your trip on right way

Step 3: What Do You Need?

1) Android Smartphone

2) Arduino Nano

3) HC-05 Bluetooth module

4) Transistor (e.g. BC549), rezistor ~1kOhm, diode

5) Vibration motor

6) Battery 5V (e.g. 4pc rechargeable 1.2V Ni-Cd )

Step 4: Connect Together

HC-05 Bluetooth module receiving instruction from VIBRONAV android app and sending to Arduino Nano over serial line.
According received commands Arduino control vibrating motor over universal NPN transistor.

In parallel to motor connected diode eliminates motor switch off voltage peeks.

Don't forget upload Arduino sketch from

Step 5: Prototype

Prototype is equipped with TP4056 charging module, Li-Ion 18650 battery and DC-DC step-up voltage converter as rechargeable power source shown on picture 1.

On picture 2 is Arduino Nano, Bluetooth module and on right side transistor with vibration motor.

Complete device with two red LEDs for additional direction indication on picture 3.

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    3 years ago

    Hi The Android App is not installing in my mobile. Can you please give me details about how to install it ?


    3 years ago

    Hi, excellent project! Did you complete the project?


    4 years ago

    Perfect Idea - I really need smth like that for walking tour! Could it be modified for using with cheap band like Xiaomi band2 ?

    How (or where in code ) do you analyze notification?

    When I try to analyze notification from Here WeGo - simply grepping for left /right words, it doesn't work as I want. Thanks !


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi, code is still in progress and not finish.

    Navigation instructions are parsed and will be nice add there some delay between vibrations. Idea is parse also distance to turn and make vibrations more often when turn point is closer.


    Reply 4 years ago

    yep , you grepped word too, but such solution :
    isn't really good for herewego in the city center.

    I think better way - to find vibration and text. Vibration just up when you really need maneveur - not in 500m/400m/../25m
    But unfortunatelly I don't understand how to get vibration sign in notification.