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I was known as the first person in the world to patent and manufacture the world's first surfing video simulator back in the late 1980's - way before the word VIRTUAL SURFING even became a term. Being an avid surfer and a complete nerd, I realized that the large part of the population that came to Hawaii never went surfing or even touched the water except to stay on the beach - many people I learned do not know how to swim. The "fantasy" of being able to surf would be a complete WOW factor. And, being able to stand on a real surfboard when you are constantly warned "NOT TO TOUCH" the surfboards at surf shops would be a thrill in itself - but imagine being able to play a video game My background in electronics and repairing mechanical things went to work realizing that a surfing simulator would be a real cool thing to use as an event or promotional system for graduations, fund raisers, trade shows, weddings - any type of situation where you want to entertain crowds and create a memorable event.

This wacky Waikiki Surf Simulator became an entire business for me and my team and lead to jobs with NINTENDO, Sega, Atari and Nordic Track. I am letting part of the secret go because I want those who make this kit share their own ideas with us and create an open source community of "VIRTUAL SURFERS". We are also working on an EcoSURFgame that teaches people how to clean up our oceans while virtual surfing.

I am giving you the distilled version instructional build of our corporate manufacturing process albeit the DIY PDF detailed instructions provided do not include all our trade secrets and all our present interactive surfing softwares. However, this DIY instructional will allow you to build an economical version that you can use at home. If you chose to want to use the system you build for paid events, contact us and we will license you our software on a pay per use basis or economical basis so you can profit from your own events!

Here is the PDF BOOK as well that details everything if you want to sit back and read our history and have more links to building the home unit: DIY KIT.

Finally, we DO NOT MAKE ANY COMMISSIONS FROM AMAZON attached to the links we provide in this instructional or withing the free e book attached.


1. dual lock velcro or gorilla glue (if you want to make it permanent

2. surfboards you may also use an old surfboard or plank about 7 feet long

3. ps4 controller wireless

a, charging cable for PS4 / for wired use as well

4. ps4 software driver to connect to pc which gyros are used within the controller

a. DS4 driver profile must be in the profile folder SURF PROFILE


6. MORE PC SURF GAMES these are games I made years ago - versions of pong, etc. to play with the surf simulator. Please understand that these games were all BETA and you take the risk in using them on your PC - no viruses, just beta and might crash etc. You can customize all the images in the game - take a look around the discover how deep you can go to change the games characters, etc. These game are all open source so have fun and maybe share the results with me

7. DIY PDF BOOK - if you want some DEEPER details - here you go.

8. full list on Amazon *we do not make any commission on any sales

Step 1: Installing the "float Pads" on the Bottom of the Surfboard

1. you may substitute foam rubber blocks on the bottom of the pad but watch this video so you understand how the suggested float pads are installed and then you can improvise and be creative. Watch this video how to install PVC pipe and pads all the way thru which will help you understand how to use the PVC pipe. You can ignore the other parts of the video as that is for more complex builds.

2. the PVC pipe is inserted in between the foam and thin board (when you make a slit -cut with sharp knife - at the top edge of the abdominal pads- see photos) you will se those layers. The PVC pipe is used as a hard fulcrum point that will allow the entire surf sim unit to tilt to the left and right. The suggested white PVC tube is 1" diameter. You may use a 1 -1/4" down to a 1/2" diameter pipe to control the amount of sensitivity to the tilt. The smaller the diameter, the less the tilt which makes it less "tippy" and less challenging.

3. make sure you clean the surfboard with alcohol so that the DUAL LOCKING VELCRO sticks firmly to all the surfaces of both the surfboard and the pads.In order to achieve a good, secure fastening of the pads to the surfboard, we suggest taking out the PVC pipe then mounting the pads securely to the surfboard bottom. Once this is done, then re-insert the pvc pipe into the pads.


1. find either a used surfboard (recycling surfboard is good and it looks cool - we dol) that is no longer than 7 feet long or buy a cheap soft top surfboard one on Amazon (we do not get any commissions from Amazon)

2. wipe down the surfboard and clean surfaces (surfboard and the float pads) with rubbing alcohol.

3. attach the float pads as shown in the photos with DUAL LOCK velcro or if you dont care about the surfboard use gorilla glue.

4. you can watch a more detailed video on various ways to mount the pads. Pieces of 1/2" plywood are shown but are also optional if the people who will stand on the surfboard are less than 250 pounds.

5. If you plan to switch out using other surfboards in the future, we suggest you use the dual lock velcro.

Step 3: Installing the PS4 Controller on the Top or on the Bottom of the Surfboard

1. the cool thing about using a PS4 controller is that you can use it as a great x axis sensor to sense the board moving and tilting left and right which controls the video game sample we provide. Do not be cheesy on the controller as we tried so many third party ones and THEY DONT WORK well or just plain junk. Our software needs to see the gyros in the PS4 genuine SONY controllers.

2. make sure you fully charge the PS4 Controller with the USB micro cable. You also have to connect the PS4 controller via the USB cable to install the drivers which happen automatically when you plug the controller in..

3. Once you install the drivers via the USB cable you should make sure that you can also use the controller wirelessly because its SO COOL. Watch these instructions on the wireless PS4 connectivity via bluetooth

4. play around with our game using the ps4 controller by using the cool app called dS4 that allowed us to connect the GYROS and TUNE THEM for our games. Once you install this you will be able to use the PS4 as a sensor and mount it to either the top or HIDDEN on the bottom of the surfboard like the photos show. JUST REMEMBER that if you mount the PS4 to the surfboard on the bottom to hide it, you will have to rotate it and turn it upside down (the joysticks will face to the ground) to compensate for it being under the surfboard.

5.use DUAL LOCK velcro to mount the PS4 to the top of the surfboard or to the bottom. You might have to glue the velcro with GORILLA glue to firmly mount the velcro to the PS4.

DETAILS ON HOW TO MOUNT THE Ps4 CONTROLLER (on top or bottom of surfboard)

1. install the PS4 controllers using the DUAL LOCKING velcro. Always make sure the controller is FULLY CHARGED by using the charging cable. You may also use the charging cable to connect directly to the PC if you do not want to use the bluetooth wireless option. Here is the video on how to connect the Ps4 to PC.

2, Make sure that the controller surfaces are cleaned well before sticking the dual velcro onto it. In some cases we have cleaned the surface of the PS4 controller and used a spot of gorilla glue to hold the velcro on securely. Then put the mating side of the dual lock velcro onto the surfboard securely by first wiping the surfboard smooth surface with alcohol.

Step 4: Using the Free Surf Simulator Software

1. make sure that your Ps4 Controller is working and connected to your PC. per the previous instructions. You can also watch this video to help you. Just remember that the profile you MUST USE is this PROFILE called "SURF (which is an xml file that determines the default settings you need for the DS4 software needs to work with our software.

2. also make sure that the DS4 software is installed and running in the background. If it is working, you will see it in the DS4 window that is open that will make your PS4 is working in the window of the DS4 and the SURF profile is being used. This will assure that the PS4 gyros and sensors will be communicating with our software correctly and all the settings are correct.

3. download the other beta free software(s) we have listed in the supplies list. Here is that link again SURF SOFTWARE that we use for our events.

4. here are the video instructions for testing your ps4 and working with the software. The sensor will be referring to our corporate sensor and not the PS4 but will be similar once you watch it.