VOnder-VOice Based Home Automation in a 'Switchshell'

Introduction: VOnder-VOice Based Home Automation in a 'Switchshell'

My house just got rennovated and there were some switch boxes left,so I decided to use it in a way that will help setting my self-made voice activated home automation system,which i discussed in another instructable.

For this project you will need:

1. A switch panel box

2. Wires

3.Some screws

4.DIY home automation system(check it out on www.glecki.ml )

5. Hacksaw

6. Some insulating foam

Step 1: Step1: Make Two Square Holes With Hacksaw or You Can Just Use the Good Old Hot Knife(lol)

You will need to make two holes:One for the charging jack and the other for the the microphone top to pop out

(to listen to your commands clearly).

Step 2: Step2:Time to Put the Whole Thing in the Box

Once you have made the holes...you will need to put the whole system inside the box,taking good care,separating electronic modules with insulating foam so that you do not shot circuit anything while using

the device.

Step 3: Step3:Set It Up

Connect the Device to the switches as indicated and hang it on nails that can be used to put it on the wall.

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