Introduction: VR School Hack... Mini Tape Roll for Project Kits

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As a Science teacher with students 100% online I have struggled with getting out hands on materials.

Our school does not start the year by giving parents a shopping list, our school supplies ALL materials for our students. We have to, or students will not have the pencils, notebooks or other materials that they need, day to day. So the idea that parents can go out and pick up supplies like tape is just not a reasonable expectation.

The current lab that I am sending out requires 2 pieces of clear tape. I do not want to send a whole roll of tape when they need just 2 pieces and my other classes need tape too. I teach 6 different science classes, so a lot of different labs that I am scrounging for supplies that can be sent home for.

Today, I came up with a solution:


All it takes:

-a pencil

-Tape on a weighted tape dispenser (or tape the dispenser down)

Step 1: Start Your Mini Tape Roll

Using a pencil is great because students ALWAYS need more pencils right!

LIne up the pencil so that it is perpendicular to the tape. Being accurate here will line your tape up better.

Pull the tape up and taute, slowly start rolling the tape, you can speed up as your tape lines up correctly.

HINT: do not let the tape fall back down onto the dispenser because it may pick up dirt or what not.

Step 2: FInishing Your Mini Tape Roll

While there is still about 3+ inches of tape unrolled, cut the tape. then fold a tiny flap on the end so that students can unroll it easily.

There you have it, Mini rolls of tape.

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