Introduction: Vacuum Bleeding Brake Lines - the One Man Job. (Hyundai Trajet 2000)

Time for my wife's car to get the brake lines vacuum bled. I used my diy vacuum liquid extractor for this job. The only other tools needed are a 10mm Spanner and a tire jack.

Just myself performed this job without having the engine on or removing wheels. This procedure took half hour to complete.

For her vehicle the order of bleeding is;

Step 1: The Rear Brakes.

I sprayed the bleed nipple with powerlube before loosening with the 10mm Spanner and attaching the suction tubing. With the vacuum extractor on I kept Topping up the brake reservoir with dot 3 fluid.

Step 2: The Front Brakes.

Same procedure with the front brakes. It is important to be observant of the fluid level in the reservoir. I used most of a liter to do the complete bleeding.

Step 3: Completion.

Here is the collected fluid which I properly disposed after. Finally I started the engine and pumped the brake pedal a dozen times then did a short test drive. The brake are far firmer and the vehicle stops much faster.