Introduction: Vacuum Bleeding the Brake Lines - Honda Civic 1999.

I like to have fresh brake fluid in my lines every year or so. Admittedly bleeding the brakes is a bit time consuming and ideally requires 2 persons. I'm a 1 man show so! I made a vacuum powered liquid extractor and this is my latest tool for car maintenance.

The page from my Honda civic 1999 manual shows the bleed sequence for a left hand drive vehicle. My vehicle is right hand drive. Therefore the correct bleed order is:


The tools needed:
My diy vacuum extractor with appropriate sized vinyl tubing.
Can of powerlube.
10mm and 8mm spanners.
Bottles of dot3 brake fluid.
Tire jack: I used my drill powered jack to quickly raise or lower the car.

OK since the preliminaries are out of the way, read on for how I did the job.

Step 1: The Vacuum Extractor!

This handy tool is a time saving, work-gasm union of a water pump filter and an hvac vacuum pump with some tubing thrown in for good measure.

Step 2: Fresh Fluid in the Reservoir.

I vacuum removed the fluid in my reservoir. There were particles of contaminants in there. I topped up with fresh fluid. During the entire bleed process the reservoir needs to be monitored and topped up as fluid is removed at the brake nipples.

Step 3: Accessing the Bleed Nipple - REAR.

Once the wheel is raised, I sprayed the nipple threads with powerlube then slipped the 8mm spanner over the nipple. Once the tubing is on the nipple, I am ready for the actual bleeding.

Step 4: Bleeding the REAR!

I turned on the vacuum extractor and then slowly turned the bleed valve anticlockwise. Just enough to see fluid being sucked from the nipple. Due to the fact my hvac vacuum pump is extremely strong, I don't have to open the nipple much. If I did then the entire brake system will be evacuated in seconds!

I kept Topping the reservoir and once the bleed fluid ran clear for a bit I turned the valve shut. Not over tightened to avoid damaging the tiny nipple.

Step 5: Bleeding the FRONT!

These are easier since the wheel can stay on. Same process as the rear. A 10mm Spanner is used for these nipples.

Step 6: Completion!

With the last brake done, I properly tightened the nipple and put back on its cover. I used 500ml of brake fluid for this bleed job. It took me 40mins for the bleeding.

Now the car brake pedal feels far firmer but this is no excuse to drive hard and fast!

I hope this instructable has been helpful!