Vada (Indian Savory Fritter)

Introduction: Vada (Indian Savory Fritter)

Vada is a very popular South Indian Savory Fritter. Vada is a very traditional dish and will be made in all the Hindu festivals. It consists of a crispy texture on the outside and a soft texture in the inside. One variety of the vada is made with Skinned Black Gram as a main ingredient and it is called as "Medhu Vada". It is often accompanied as a side dish to a main course or as a tea time snack.

Step 1: Ingredients

1) Skinned Black Gram or Urad Dal - 1/2 Cup

2) Raw Rice - 1/2 Tbsp

3) Onion - Medium Size

4) Green Chili - as per taste

5) Pepper - 1 Tsp

6) Cumin Seed - 1 Tsp

7) Curry Leaves - few strands

8) Water for grinding

9) Oil for frying

Step 2: Grinding the Batter

1) Wash and soak the skinned Black gram along with the rice for 6 hours (minimum)

2) Drain the water completely and add it to the blender.

3) Grind it by adding water little by little (1 -2 tsp at a time)

4) The batter should be very smooth and soft.(looks like whipped butter)

5) When the batter is scooped in a spoon, it should not fall freely.(Thick consistency)

6) When the batter is dropped in water it should float and that is the right consistency.

Note :

* If the vada batter is in thin consistency (more water) then the vada will be too oily.

* If the vada batter is not smooth and soft then the vada will become hard.

* If the oil temperature while frying is very high then the vada will turn brown on the outside and the inside will remain uncooked.

* In order to store the batter for future use, the batter should be stored before adding any other ingredient especially onions and salt.( onion and salt will ooze water changing the batter consistency)

Step 3: Mixing the Batter

Take the vada batter and add Cumin seeds, ground pepper, green chili, curry leaves, chopped onions, salt and mix well.

Step 4: Frying the Vada

1) Add the oil in a pan and heat it to medium to high temperature.

2) Wet your fingers and grab a small portion of the batter, using your thumb make hole in the center and drop it slowly in the oil (Be careful). doughnut press can also be used to make it easier.

3) Fry the Vada till it becomes golden brown on both sides flipping on both sides regularly.

4) Remove the vada and serve it hot. Enjoy !!!

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    5 years ago

    Looks wonderful...will be making this dish soon


    6 years ago

    இந்த பஜ்ஜி, போண்டா எல்லா இல்லீங்கலா!!!!!


    Reply 6 years ago

    Pazha bajji epdi seyrathunnu instructable podunga :)

    Varun Suresh
    Varun Suresh

    6 years ago

    Happy to c an Indian tiffen item in Instructables :)

    Sunny Naguri
    Sunny Naguri

    6 years ago

    it's really cool that you're making instructables on how to make Indian food :)