Valentine Tiger: Show Some Love!

Introduction: Valentine Tiger: Show Some Love!

About: I came here to hopefully one day create an awesome instructable...too bad i always make it, then take pictures...

This is my enrty in the Valetines Day Contest. It is my (hopefully) original idea to put a motor a on a tiger's tail, and make it spin.

This instructable is easy. You can gift this lil' tiger to your special someone, for a great CUTE gift.

Basic soldering skills are need.

Supplies needed:

Soldering iron (35 watt max)
Some solder
Stuffed Tiger
AA battery
Electrical Tape and Wires
A Button or switch (radioshack has em)
Needle and Thread
Small Knife

Step 1: Gather Your Parts

To get started, gather up some wires, a small electric motor, a AA battery and some thick copper wire.

Take a screwdriver, or pencil, and tightly wrap the wire around, forming a coil. But make sure you are still able to slide the coil to the motor well.

But don't place it on yet, that will make soldering difficult.

Next, take your switch or button and solder two lone wires, to each side of the switch. Mine has six, but most will only have two.

Then solder one wire to the motor, and another wire, coming from the switch to the motor.

I hope you're with me

Step 2: Just Checking...

By now your layout should be like the photo below:

Step 3: Assemble!

Now, take your tightly wound coil and place it on the motor. I have a spiral shaped spindle, from a cd drive. If you don't have suc a motor, wrap a thick amount of tape over the spindle to build up a good diameter, large enough to hold the coil tight, ue hot glue to secure it more.

Once your coil is on, you need to tape up the battery. I used hockey tape, becuase it is very strong. Just take the loose ends, and place tape over them, and attach to any end of the battery.

Please view example photos below!

Step 4: Slide Evrything In!

In this step, you need to make a small cut, just below the tail of the tiger, large enough for the battery and motor to enter.

Then cut off the tail.

Then slide the fabric tail over the copper coil and sew it shut by wrapping thread around, and poking some holes. Make sure you cut off the excess thread, so it' doesn't get caught in the motor like me.

Next, slide the entire assembly, excluding the button in to the small hole. However, you can't sew this shut because depending on the speed of the motor, there can't be any ubstructions to deal with, so leave the tail out, and the motor loose.Then just tighten everything up with some thread. Areas like the tail, if it seperated.

Step 5: Finalize

Add a cute lil' tag to the ear using some stationary, and a needle with thread, or maybee yarn.

Later on, after I had completed the project, I added a blinking red LED, it comes out the nose, looks great.

When you do this, try to use a tiger with firm stuffing, and an easy to manipulate tail. And try to use a fast motor, it is a hard thnig to spin.

That brings me to the end of my instructable, have fun, and give this to someone you love!

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    14 years ago

    Kewl. My brother has this weird tiger stuffed animal thingy that purrs when you squeeze it xD


    14 years ago

    So cute, good idea.

    Perhaps you can add some lights too =)


    Reply 14 years ago

    Ha ha! I did read step 5 ! Thanks though!


    14 years ago

    A stuffed animal that's soft can easily be firmed by adding more stuffing which you can buy at almost any craft store.


    Reply 14 years ago

    Great Idea! I have some batting in y basement! I'll use it!