Valentine's Nails 5 Ways!

Introduction: Valentine's Nails 5 Ways!

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Make your own Valentine's Day Mani! Mix and match, or use one or two as accent nails! These nail designs are super cute, and are easy for beginner nail artists! Best of all, you have 5 easy designs with only 3 colors so it's so easy to mix and match, or do one of each!

You need:

  • Light pink polish
  • White polish
  • Red polish
  • Dotting tool (or a bobby pin stretched open)
  • Thin brush (or a striping brush from another color thoroughly cleaned)

First, give all your nails a nice coat of the light pink polish. Then follow the next 5 steps, or mix and match the steps to make a beautiful, fun and EASY Valentine's Day Mani!!!

Step 1: Hearts'N'Hearts

Draw large white and red hearts on your nail with a dotting tool. Let it dry, then paint smaller hearts of the opposite color inside the large hearts. Watch the video to learn how to do hearts!

Step 2: Kissing Lips

Using your dotting tool, draw a few red lips on your nail. Once dry, make some small lines with a thin brush using your base pink color. Watch the video to see how!

Step 3: Heart in Dots

Using a dotting tool, make rows of small white dots across your nail. Skip one dot in the center of a row and replace it with a small red heart. Watch the video to see how to do it!

Step 4: Red & White Plaid

Start by making 3 red vertical lines, then 3 red horizontal lines. Let it dry then paint 2 vertical white lines between the red ones, and 3 or 4 white horizontal lines. Watch the video to see how to do it!

Step 5: Dotted French Tip

Paint the tip of your nail white and let dry. Then paint small red dots on the white tip. Watch the video to see how!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    7 years ago

    Lots of cute designs :) Love the little lips!


    Reply 7 years ago