Variable Indoor Plant Trellis

Introduction: Variable Indoor Plant Trellis

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I made a simple connector that helps to build easy and variable indoor plant trellis you can put on your walls to make them green with any tendril plant.




Wood strips with 5mm thickness and 15mm width of any length.

Optional: PLA with wood inside

Step 1: Print the Connecotors

I made two kinds of connectors. One is just to connect two wood strips and the other is to connect the trellis to your wall with a screw or a nail.

The wallconnector is closed on one side so it cant fall down but if you use the dimensions i recommended it should not move at all. The wallconnector got a hole to mount the whole construction to the wall. If you can see on the second picture you will not see the screw or the nail any more if it is all connected.

Scale the objects to 50% before printing!

In this example i used PLA with wood inside. It worked but is not so stable like PLA+ so I would recommend to use PLA+ instead.

Use the support-material option.

Place the connectors in your slicer program as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Connecting Everything

When everything is printed and you removed the supporting material you ready to go!

Use slightly force to press the wood slips through the connectors. Don't use to much force or the connectors can break in the process of assembly! When everything is connected as you wish the construction should be pretty stable. As you can see on the image I didn't used for every crossing a connector but its totaly stable and ready for a plant to grow on.

In this example is used wood stripes with 1m length but it can have any length you wish. You could even make a more variable trellis that fits between multiple object on you wall.

Step 3: Connect Your Trellis to the Wall

You can simply attach the wallconnectors first to the wall and put the main trellis later on it or you put them upside so you are able to attach a screw or a nail when the whole trellis is build.

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