Table and Chairs

Introduction: Table and Chairs

Use loft to create the vase, then shell them and change the materiel to your choosing. I personally chose two metals and took away over lay. For the copper one I used three circles and then lofted it, for the brass one i uses three hexagons and lofted it.

Step 1: Bottle

For the bottle you stack a cylinder, a hemisphere and a much smaller cylinder on top of each other to create a wine bottle shape. You then shell it and change the material to glass, i added and overlay of a green color. for the cork, i lofted two circles, change the material to wood since from far it looked like cork. I then snapped it to the bottle.

Step 2: The Table

For the table start of with smart scaling a cylinder, then fillet the edges. To make the glass slit, create a sketch using the spline tool, then extrude it downwards subtracting from the table. With the remaining sketch, slightly extrude it and change the material to glass, you can move down a little. Then create another circle sketch the exact size of the table, change the material to glass, place it bellow the bottom of the large cylinder. Merge all the pieces together. To create the legs loft two circle sketches, then use the tweak tool to make it slanted. Put a circle and then use the circle pattern to create three more chairs around the cylinder. Snap the top to the legs.

Step 3: Chair

For the seat, create a sketch ellipse, and a line with a bend using spline, then us the sweep tool, change the material and use split solid to cut the extra material off. For the legs use the same tools and steps from the table. To add the Xs create a small circular sketch, and use poly-line to make an x shape. Then use the sweep tool. Put all the objects together and merge it.

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