Introduction: Veg Cream Cheese Sandwiches

- Veg cream cheese sandwiches can be good snack option or for breakfast. They can be prepared by adding veggies and herbs of our choice.

-Cream cheese mixed with veggies and spices makes it tasty.

-These sandwiches can also be taken during travelling or for picnic

Step 1: Keep All Ingredients Ready

- !/4 cup cream cheese

- 2 tablespoon grated cucumber

- 2 tablespoon grated carrot

- Few finely chopped capsicum

- Few finely chopped spring onions

- Half teaspoon pepper powder

- Salt as per taste

- 6 bread slices

Grate cucumber, squeeze excess water from cucumber and even grate carrot.

Step 2: Making Veg Cream Cheese Spread

-First take about 1/4 cup cream cheese in bowl and add 2 tablespoon grated cucumber(squeeze excess water from cucumber) , 2 tablespoon grated carrot and few chopped spring onions to it

Step 3: Add Spices

-Mix everything add add 1/4tsp pepper powder and salt as per taste

Step 4: Add Few Finely Chopped Capsicum

-Finally add finely chopped capsicum and give a mix.

Step 5: Apply Veg Cream Cheese Spread to Bread Slices

- Apply prepared veg cream cheese spread to one bread slice and place the other one on top of it.

-We can eat these sandwich as it is or we can even grill or toast them till they turn little brown color.

Step 6: You Can Even Grill or Toast

-If you want to toast place the sandwiched breads in grill or toaster and toast till they turn light brown color and enjoy them hot

(we can remove crust of bread slices or not depending on our wish)

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