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Introduction: Vegan Sorbet/smoothie

Vegan sorbet/smoothies are so limited, and pricey, which is why I made a way to cut that price tag. This drink is perfect for summer days, or days just where you want to detox your body. This Drink can be made as a sorbet, or a smoothie by just one simple thing, frozen fruit!! I would recommend this to anyone who loves sweetness, with a little kick in it.

Enjoy :) and thanks for viewing my intractable.

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Step 1: Ingredients/materials

To make this delicious drink you will need a couple of simple ingredients. Theres two directions you can go, either sorbet, or smoothie. To make the sorbet instead of fresh strawberry and fresh mango, use frozen fruits. Personally I like the sorbet better, but whatever you like is great. You will need:




Fresh or frozen strawberry and mango

orange juice

sharp knife


How simple was that!!

Step 2: Start Adding Ingredients

To start making your smoothie/sorbet you will first cut up the ginger. You will take about an inch of ginger and start cutting the peel off, and it should end up yellow on the outside. Then you will chop it into little pieces, and place in blender. Next you will add the lemon, to do this you will take half of a lemon, and cut the peel off, and all of the white stuff. Once the peel, and excess white shell is off, you will cut the lemon into mini pieces and place into blender. You will then start putting the strawberries and mango. To make a sorbet you will use frozen fruit, and to make a smoothie you will use fresh fruit. You will add about half a cup of mango, and 3 quarters of a cup of strawberries.

Step 3: Blending the Smoothie/sorbet

With all the ingredients in the blender, you will start blending. After about 30 seconds, you will open the lid, and add one and a half cups of orange juice. Then it will start having the right consistency, and when you feel its right for you, you will take it out and pour into a tall glass. Then you will cut the lime, and place a hedge of the lime on the rim of the cup, and enjoy!!

Hopefully this turned out as good as it turned out for me. Thanks for viewing my intractable, and enjoy :)

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    Thanks for looking at my instructable. If you wouldn't mind voting and leaving comments that would be great!!