Introduction: Velcro Head Mount for Dodocase

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In this instructable , I'll be showing how to add Velcro strips to make a headband sort of attachments so that you need not hold on to it .

Step 1: Cutting Out Slits

I've painted my dodocase vr kit with black spray paint to give it a more dark feel .

Now we need to cut out 2 slits on the cardboard on both sides .

(check out images to know where exactly )

Step 2: Stitching the Velcro Strips

Now insert the Velcro strip through the slit and sew them perfectly so that they dont tear apart .

now similarly do that on the 3 other slits .
Make sure you leave enough length for it so that it fits your head.

Now the Velcro strips have helped you to hold your phone tight and to mount it on your head.

Thanks and Happy Hacking !