Introduction: Verdure Cup

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In this instructables , you will learn how to grow verdure in a coffee cup.

This work is easy , cheap and enjoyable …

You can put this in your kitchen , bedroom , sitting room and all of the places (If it have light)

Step 1: Needs

1.One or more coffee cup (I use one)

2.Seeds (Similar or different)

3.Fertile soil

4.Shovel or spoon


Step 2: Add Soil

Fill soil in the half of the cup , then put a few seeds in it . Then add a new soil layer and put a few seeds again and drench with modicum water on the soil (Picture-2)

Note : If you want your seeds grow better , put them in the water for 24 hour .

Step 3: Notes

Now , add the end layer of soil on it , and pour a few water on them .

Your cup need a few attentions :

1.Drench them every day

2.After a few days you can see your buds , They may rise your soil and a few soil emit of your cup , so put a stuff under your cup (If you put this indoor)

Step 4: Growth

Alike I said before , After a few days you can see your buds . They grow fast and after a week they have 5 cm length or more .

This is a enjoyable view … . If you grow a edible seeds , you can pick and eat them !

Your verdures can live about 1 month .

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