Introduction: Vertical Planter

1. Took a trip to Habitat for Humanity ReStore, a store that gets recycled building materials. I wanted to make a planter that would allow me to have a lot of plants in a small place(I live in an apartment). I found a square 4-way metal commercial clothes rack, peg price tag hooks, paint, and dome light covers(Like adaptive reuse).
2. Was able to get the items donated to me, because I am a volunteer employee at ReStore. (So volunteer!)
3. Went to a retail store and bought hemp string. (Hemp string is a very sustainable material.)
4. Came home. Painted the first coat on the rack and the hooks.
5. 24 hours later, put second coat on.
6. 48 hours later, put third coat on.
7. 72 hours later, finally dry.
8. Arrange hooks around the top of rack.
9. At the bottom of the hooks, where I would tie my string to hang the domes, I wrap little black ruberbands around it to act as a non-slip grip to stop the strings from falling off.
10. I already had plants, so I replanted them in the dome covers.
11. (FROM THIS POINT, YOU WILL DO THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR EACH COVER) With the hemp, I cut one string long enough to wrap around the base and to be able to tie a knot. DO NOT TIE!  Cut 4 strings the same length, at the length you want the cover to hang plus a knot at each end.
12. Knot each end of the strings that will be hanging. Knot so that you can slide the base string through on one side and hang on the peg hook on the other.
13. Run base string through the 4 hanging strings.
14. Tie the base string around the cover, as tight as you can. You do not want this to slip off when all is done.
15. Arrange strings evenly around base, think North, East, South, West.
16. Take free end of hanging string and loop it around the hook, so that it is on the inside of the rubberband.
17. Take a step back and look at your work and see what you did with materials, that otherwise, had no other use.

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