Introduction: Very Basic Alarm System

Alarm system, my favorite trick back in the days when we used to play sophisticated hide-and-seek.


- Clip

- Tin foil

- Battery

- Buzzer

- Electrical wires

- Fishing wire

- Cardcoard

Step 1: Wrap Tin Foil Around Each Side of the Clip

Wrap tin foil around each side of the clip

Step 2: Connect Electrical Wires to Each Side

Make sure there is connection between the wire and the tin foil.

Step 3: Building the Electrical Circuit

You can choose any battery and buzzer you want. But plaese make sure that your buzzer-voltage is able to get your battery voltage.

- Connect one of the wire from the clip to one side of the battery.

- Connect the second wire from the clip to the buzzer.

- Connect with another wire the buzzer and the battery.

- Validation - make sure that you hear the buzzer to verify that all the connections in place.

Step 4: Set the Electrical Circuit in a Box

For elegance - put all together in a box( you can put some heavy things to fixate it).

Step 5: Installing the Carton Insulated

- Pierce the cardboard.

- Tie the fishing wire to the cardboard.

- With the other side of the fishing wire - set it to the dynamic part (maybe the door).

Step 6: Put It All Together

- Close the dynamic side (the door).

- Turn on the circuit, and verify it is working.

- Place the cardboard inside the clip.

- Prepare to catch the prey.

Step 7: Check It Out