Introduction: Vibrobot, the Easiest!

This is an easy instuctable how to make a vibrobot out of a LED torch and a vibrator from a mobile phone!

Step 1: The Vibrator!

First of all you need a vibrator. You can get one from your mobile phone. I used an old Sony Ericsson, but I did not have the right screwdriver so I just smashed it whit a hammer.

Step 2: This Is the Vibrator!

What it looks licke?
That it looks licke!

Step 3: The LED Torch...

I have got the mini LED torch from my bicucle, it is the light from the bag.
You shall remove the cap of it and then take the electro boad out.
Clip the LED of, close to the top of it...

Step 4: Sold the Vibrator

When you have cut the LED of then on-solde the vibrator on the 2 wirers and put it all together again -The LED. (the vibrator vill fit in the same hole where the LED has been)

Step 5: Finish!

Now you supose to have a Vibrobot!!!
Enjoy it spinning around your table.

PS. you can put a litle 3 V bateri on top of it to make it look cooler.