Video Game/Movie Disk Case Box




Introduction: Video Game/Movie Disk Case Box

A step-by-step DIY of making a Video Game/Movie Disk Case Box.

Step 1: Materials/Tools Needed


  • 600mm Ruler
  • Tenon Saw
  • Flat Fine Grain File
  • Flat Large Grain File
  • Tri Square
  • Scroll Saw
  • 120 Grain Sandpaper
  • Pencil
  • Band Saw
  • Glue


  • 90x19x1200 Pine
  • 400x300 Ply

Step 2: Cut Plank in Two

Use the band saw to cut your Pine in half so that you have Two 90x8x1200 planks of pine.

Step 3: Marking Up Your Cuts

Along your plank of wood, mark with a pencil the following measurements and names (remember to leave about 1mm gap because your tenon saw has width):


  • Left Face: 90x8x396
  • Right Face: 90x8x396
  • Front Face: 90x8x211
  • Back Face: 90x8x211
  • Left Extension: 44x8x396
  • Right Extension: 44x8x396
  • Back Extension: 44x8x211


  • Base: 211x1x396

Step 4: Cut Your Wood

Once you have all of your wood marked out, use a tenon saw to cut along all of the lines. Make sure this is all straight cuts.

(Cool Tip): When you have cut all the planks of wood, if you stack all the pieces of wood like a puzzle, including some of the left over pieces will be in a compact block.

Step 5: Finger Joints

Next thing to do is to mark out your finger joints to fit into each other. You should make the finger joints go 9mm long and 15mm wide (use pictures for guidance). Make Sure That You Use The Same Measurements For Each Finger Joint On Every Piece Of Wood!!! Next shade out every second rectangle, then use a scroll saw to cut it out.

Step 6: Clean Up

Next thing to do is clean up. This includes sanding off all your pencil marks, fine tuning your finger joints, and generally sanding your wood.

Step 7: Take a Look

After you have made sure that all the finger joints connect, put your box together to have a preview before you glue it. If you have succeeded, it should look like the image above.

Step 8: Glue

This is the final part, gluing. You should be very careful with this part because you can very easily wreck your project. Glue all the parts at the same time and the put it together and leave to dry. This will take about 24 hours to dry and is needed to be fully done.

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