Introduction: Viewing Current Location on Offline Maps on Android Phones

One can view the current location on the city map without GPRS/4g/Wifi connections needed.

Step 1: Getting Offline Maps for Android Phones

S/W Needed:
   1> on PC: Mobile Atlas Creator  :
   2> rmap (on Android Phone) : Android Market: rmap

1. Download & Install Mobile atlas creator and launch it  , you would see a window as IMG1, select Map Source, Rename Atlas content,
2. Click on maps , selection Mode : Polygon/ Rectangle
3. Draw polygon/Rectangle on your area of interest. Select the zoom levels you need offline.
4. Save Selection.
5. Atlas -> Create Atlas
    This starts downloading the map tiles and saves it to your PC
6. Once the download is done , copy the file from your atlas location and place it under /sdcard/rmaps/maps/
7. Before above step install rmaps from Android Market, and edit settings to point to /sdcard/rmaps/maps for User Defined Maps.
8. Launch Rmaps on phone and select the map (under setting and under Maps)
9. Turn on GPS and the map gets updated with your current location.