Introduction: Viking Knit Beaded Bracelet

We can make many different jewelry using basic viking knit. In this Instructable, I would like to show you how a beaded viking knit bracelet can be made.

Step 1: Items Required

1) Silver/Gold Jewelry Wire - 26 and 20 gauge

2) Variety of Beads

3) Round Nose Pliers

4) Flat Nose Pliers

5) Flush Cutter

6) Viking Knit Kit ( wire weaving rod, draw plate and pin tool )

Step 2: Viking Knit Kit

Wire weaving rod:

Any circular rod made up of wood or plastic

Draw Plate

A small piece of wood/plastic punched with different size holes.

Wire weaved Flower Petal

* Take a thicker gauge wire and make 5 rounds around anything which is 2 inch in length (4 of our fingers in horizontal position can also be used)

* Remove all the 5 rounds, join them together and twist in the bottom.

* Open the petals and place the rod in the center folding in the petals

* secure it using a rubber band.

Weaving tool is now ready !!!

Step 3: Basic Viking Knit

1) Start weaving from any petal by inserting the gauge wire as shown in Pic 1

2) Then bend it forming a loop. that is called a stitch.

3) Then loop it to the next petal and finish the first round (all the 5 petals)

4) For the second loop, make a stitch around the previous stitch in the first round. Refer the stitch pic above.

5) To add a gauge wire, add it above the last stitch and continue the stitch pattern

6) Finish the weave by bending the last stitch end inside the wire and securing it tight

7) Then pull it through required hole from the draw plate.

8) Cut the First round stitch to remove from the petals

Basic Viking Knit is Done !!!

Step 4: Beaded Viking Knit Bracelet Model 1

1) Take very very small beads for knitting in between the two stitches.

2) Leave first two rounds and from the third round start adding the beads.

3) Do a stitch and then add the bead, again do the stitch and then add a bead. Keep on following the pattern.

4) Please be careful not to include the bead in the stitch.

5) Add beads depending on its size. If the beads are very small you can include between every stitch. If its slightly bigger add between alternate stitches.

6) After knitting the beads and the wire (minimum of 3 inches) finish the last stitch by bending it inside the same stitch.

7) Remove the knitted wire from the flower petal by cutting the very first row of stitch.

8) To the second row of stitch, take a piece (around 5 inches) of gauge wire and make loop through all the 5 petals and secure it tight.

9) Now take the draw plate and pull the knitted wire through the hole with the help of the gauge wire that secured the 5 petals as described in the above step.

10) Even though your required size is the 5th hole in the draw plate you have to go through all the above holes (1,2,3 & 4) and then to the 5th hole. Directly to the 5th hole will create a lot to tension on the wire and is not advised.

11) Take a thicker gauge wire, make a loop at one end and add the bigger bead then the beaded knit wire followed by some beads and finally finish it with a loop.

12) Add few jump rings and lobster hook to complete the bracelet.

Model 1 DONE !!!

Step 5: Beaded Viking Knit Bracelet Model 2

1) In this model we are including the beads inside of the viking knit.

2) Weave a viking knit using silver jewelry wire around 3 inches in length.

3) Choose the beads that are going to be inside the viking knit.

4) Depending on the size of the bead decide which hole to pull the viking knit wire through the draw plate (the viking knit wire should be little bigger than the size of the bead)

5) Take a thicker gauge wire and make a loop at one end and insert any desired big bead followed by smaller beads.

6) Then insert the viking knit wire so that it covers all the small beads.

7) Finally add other beads and finish it with some jump rings and lobster hook.

Model 2 DONE !!!

Step 6: Beaded Viking Knit Bracelet Model 3

1) In this model we are including the beads between the viking knitted wires.

2) Weave a viking knit using gold jewelry wire around 3 inches in length.

3) Then pull it through the draw plate.

4) Now cut the weaved viking knit wire into 2 pieces of equal length. (cut only the corresponding loops)

5) Take a thicker gauge wire, make a loop at one end in the following pattern first insert the beads then weaved wire and some more beads.

6) Finally finish the bracelet suing the steps mentioned in model 1 and 2

Model 3 DONE !!!!!

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