Introduction: (AHS) Vinyl Stickers on Graphtec CE6000-60 and AutoCAD

This Tutorial is specific to the Graphtec CE6000-60 vinyl Cutter, Graphtec Studios, and AutoCAD.

The materials you will need are:

  • AutoCAD,
  • Graphtec Studios,
  • Graphtec CE6000-60 vinyl cutter,
  • 12" by 12" vinyl sheets to cut, and transfer paper.

Step 1: Choosing a Design

When making this sticker you have two options:

  • Either make your own original design

  • Or find an image in the Internet to replicate

This tutorial will explain how to replicate a pre-existing image. First you want to find an image on the internet and save it to your hard drive.

Step 2: Inserting the Design Into AutoCAD

Now that you have you design in mind and your image saved open up AutoCAD.

Create a new file, and find the " Insert " tab in the top left.

Click on it and select the " attach " option.

AutoCAD will now ask you what file you want to attach. Select the image you saved earlier and click " open ".

After opening the image a text box will appear, select " okay ". Then place the image inside the model space and select a scale factor.

The location and scale factor are not important because we will be tracing over the image.

Step 3: Tracing Your Image.

Zoom in on the image and select the "polyline" command in the top left.

Now begin to trace the image with these lines. The more lines you use, the more closely the traced image will match the original.

Once you have traced all the way around your image choose, or type, the " move " command in the top right. Then select you image, right click and choose the corner of the image as the base point then move it away from your traced lines.

The end result should look something like this.

Step 4: Transferring Your Traced Image to Graphtec Studio

First, delete the image you traced so that all that remains is your new image that you traced with the "polyline" command.

Then go to the bottom of the window and find "Layout 1" and "Layout 2."

Now right click them and select " delete."

Now save your drawing as a " AutoCAD R12/LT2 .dxf. "

In Graphtec studio select "Open" and " All files " and find the .dxf you just saved.

Step 5: Preparing Your Image for Cutting

Now on the right side you will see the design window.

Set the dimensions to 12" X 12".

Now to scale your drawing select the whole thing and grab a corner with your mouse and move it until you get the length and height where you want them.

Step 6: Cutting Your Image

Now that your image is ready, load the cutter with the sheet on vinyl you want to cut. Now push the lever located on the back of the Graphtec cutter down to raise the rollers. Now move the rollers to under the blue bars as shown in the picture.

Then position the sheet so that it is underneath both rollers as shown in the picture. after it is positioned pull the lever on the back, up, to lower the rollers and lock the sheet in place.

Now to cutter will ask you what you just loaded and you need to select option 3 for " Sheet ".

Now go back over to the computer and select " Open the cutters window " in the top right of Graphtec Studio. Now select " Send to cutter " and the vinyl cutter should start to cut out your design.

Step 7: Weeding Your Image and Applying Transfer Paper

This step is pretty simple all you do is carefully pull the excess vinyl from the sticker starting from one corner. Using weeding tools to remove the smaller pieces that are left.

Now take transfer paper and stick it on top, you may have to use multiple sheets to cover the entire sticker.

Step 8: Now Use Your Sticker

Now to use you sticker just pull up the transfer paper with the sicker attatched to it then stick the transfer paper and sticker to the surface you want the sticker on and pull just the transfer paper off.