Vis Amelia's Project

Introduction: Vis Amelia's Project

This is my chill space in my brother's room, I made this with my brother, and the reason that we made this is because we want a space that only we know, and I feel free, comfortable, and relax when I do anything inside.

Sometimes I read some books in the morning in this space, and sometimes I just look out of the window at night and this space that I feel safe.

Step 1: Material

You need to find a space that your parent allows you to mass up

To make the floor more comfortable you should put some pillows or soft dolls.

I want to cover up my space so I use a quilt to cover up the top of the space.

Step 2: Decoration

The decoration is an important part of this space, I put string lights inside the space, and some broken mirror sticks to the side, and at night when you turn on the light, the mirror will reflect the light, it will be super beautiful.

Step 3: Inside the Space

What can we do inside the space?

We put a lighter light because we can play games or read books at night, and it won't hurt your eyes.

we also put an extended charger, because we will use computers iPad or phone inside.

There is and speaker for us to listen to some music

There is a small folding table that we can eat or drink something.

Step 4: Finish!

This is a video of what how it looks like!

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