Introduction: Vise Grip Super Mod

So what can be modified on an ordinary vise-grip? Just about anything. Here is a fairly easy modification but does require a metal lathe. This project will combine a 4 inch vise-grip and a 1/4 inch drive breaker bar. Essentially the knurled adjusting nut is being replaced with the breaker bar rod. This combination is compact, versatile and strong (for its size). Perfect in a must have tool kit. No functionality is lost for either tool.


4 inch vise-grip
1/4 inch drive breaker bar
12-24 thread die
Metal lathe

Step 1: Prepare the Breaker Bar

Cut off the very end of the breaker bar just past the ball stop. Very often there will be a tiny spring loaded ball bearing in the breaker housing. Try not to let the ball get away as you will have to use it during reassembly.

Step 2: Machining the Breaker Bar

The cut off end has to be machined down so 12-24 threads can be cut. Depending on the brand of the vise-grip, the threads and length can vary. This step just replicates the knurled bolt.

Step 3: Cutting the Threads

After the bar is machined to the proper diameter, cut 12-24 threads and use plenty of lubricant.

Step 4: A Finished Vise-grip Super Mod

Hey, you're done! This modification can be scaled up to any size vise-grip. This project took about 20 minutes. If you don't have a metal lathe, ask around or visit your local maker space. I highly recommend this multi tool.

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