Introduction: Visitation Academy 3D Printed Ornament Design Challenge

This ornament was created by the 7th grade class at Visitation Academy in Frederick Md. The Academy is an all girls school grades Pre K3- 8th. This is the first year we have initiated a STEM program in school. We thought this contest was a great way to get the girls started on understanding 3-D printing and the design software that is used. We are anxiously awaiting for our 3-D printer.

At the Visitation Academy we encourage our girls to look at their future careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. We used 123 Design to create the model with the help of a parent, you will see in the subsequent steps the process the girls went through.

Step 1: Sketch Ornament Ideas

The girls collaborated on different ideas for the ornaments. We selected 2 sketches to work from.

Step 2: Combining Design Elements Into One

We took the elements from the 2 sketches and combined them to create the final ornament.

Step 3: 3-D Printing

This ornament can be printed as a complete assembly or we designed it in a way that it can be assembled in from individual pieces that are glued together. The reason to print as individual pieces would be to save material and reduce the amount of time needed for clean up. By printing in individual pieces it can also accommodate different types of 3-D printers, from home use to professional.

3D Printed Ornament Design Challenge

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