Voice Controlled LED Using Arduino and Android Mobile

Introduction: Voice Controlled LED Using Arduino and Android Mobile

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In this project I will control a LED using voice command. To implement this project we need to arrange some stuff like:

1. Bluetooth Module

2. Arduino UNO

3. Android Phone

4. LED with resistor

5. And a android app namely “amr voice”

Step 1: Description

Working of this project is simple. First of all we need to connect LED and Bluetooth module with Arduino.

After it upload code in Arduino.

Step 2: Download AMR Voice App From Google Play Store

Now download AMR Voice App from google play store and

install it. And open it

Step 3: Connect App With Bluetooth Module

Step 4: Try It

After successfull Connection between mobile and bluetooth module now tap at the mic symbol in app screen and

say “light on” to turned on l and “light off “ to turned off the LED

Step 5: Circuit

Connection are simple. Connect a LED at any pin of arduino. In my case I used 12. Connect rx and tx of bluetooth module to software serial pins tx(11) and rx(10) of Arduino respectively. And connect power supply to bluetooth module.

Step 6: Coding

Coding is much simpler. Here I have used SoftwareSerial

library to enable virtual Serial port at pin 10 and 11 of arduino.

Step 7:

And in given picture I have compare received string with predefined string to take some needed action.

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    5 years ago

    where can i get full code


    5 years ago

    So I'm planning on doing a short stand-up routine with an Arduino powered dummy. Can you tell me if this is accurate enough to respond to phrases or words within sentences?

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Fun Arduino project. This could let you voice control all kinds of circuits.