Introduction: Voice Controlled LED Using Arduino and Android Mobile

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In this project I will control a LED using voice command. To implement this project we need to arrange some stuff like:

1. Bluetooth Module

2. Arduino UNO

3. Android Phone

4. LED with resistor

5. And a android app namely “amr voice”

Step 1: Description

Working of this project is simple. First of all we need to connect LED and Bluetooth module with Arduino.

After it upload code in Arduino.

Step 2: Download AMR Voice App From Google Play Store

Now download AMR Voice App from google play store and

install it. And open it

Step 3: Connect App With Bluetooth Module

Step 4: Try It

After successfull Connection between mobile and bluetooth module now tap at the mic symbol in app screen and

say “light on” to turned on l and “light off “ to turned off the LED

Step 5: Circuit

Connection are simple. Connect a LED at any pin of arduino. In my case I used 12. Connect rx and tx of bluetooth module to software serial pins tx(11) and rx(10) of Arduino respectively. And connect power supply to bluetooth module.

Step 6: Coding

Coding is much simpler. Here I have used SoftwareSerial

library to enable virtual Serial port at pin 10 and 11 of arduino.

Step 7:

And in given picture I have compare received string with predefined string to take some needed action.