Introduction: Vw Jetta '04 Tdi Pierburg Fuel Pump Clean/Fix

after lifting a back seat on the passenger side and unscrew the cover, you have access to a pump. if the black nut is not tight good enough, the fuel will appear on the top. prevent this after cleaning or fixing the device. now, press the snaps showed on the picture and lift the fuel hoses. disconnect electric wires as well. unscrew the big black nut. save the seal. you must find a best for you way to do this. mine was not tide hard. use - for example - a screwdriver and a hammer to unscrew it. i assume, you are technically inclined man :-). these hoses are fragile, so put them away before the next step in the gentile manner. after these steps you will be able to lift the pump. remember about spillage the oil (diesel fuel). after the pump removed, you have good access to clean the tank. i used a suction hand pump to remove still quite a lot of the fuel. the tank bottom has a complicated profile at the bottom. remove the fuel filler cap. did i mentioned that the job should be done when the tank is almost empty? ;-)

Step 1: Wires and Hoses

take the pictures to remember how to assemble it back. i had a problem with the hoses. i had to cut one of them. of course i had to replace with a new one. well, take my problem with a consideration. it was not easy to install the new one back.

Step 2: Next Step to Disassemble

this pump is powerful (the motor in it). it is a 12V motor which can pump 255 liters/hour. if you have to - as i did - cut it, don't cut it at the bottom end. cut it in the middle, so you will be able to put a small copper pipe inside and secure it by the small clamps.

Step 3: Pieces of the Pump

please, take the pictures. many of them. it will be much easier to put everything together at the first time. i don't have to mention that that device must be checked out until it will go back to the tank :-).

by the way. i have a small 12V mini sealed lead-acid battery from another my project which allowed me to check how it works before installing it back. you will also need two hoses and a bucket.

now it is time to clean everything up. use a toothbrush, other brushes or compress air to help cleaning these parts.

Step 4: Rubber Valve Cleaning

it took me a while to figure out how to disconnect that valve. that is why i show the snap position and the way how to disconnect it from the base. use small hook to grab that snap. pull it gently and at that time lift the valve through the vertical rail.

Step 5: Bottom Strainer

now it is easy to take a strainer apart to clean. that wire is important. it goes to ground terminal of the pump.

after that step, check your job and start to assemble. take a time to recognize what is going where. i was able to do it so as you can.

if i missed something let me know. if you did not grab something, let me know too :-)