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Introduction: WALL-E Shoe Planter

 My daughter is obsessed with wall-e so for her birthday party i came up with this craft/ activity for the kids to do. These are all images from the prototyping i will post some of the ones completed by the kids Sunday after the party.

Step 1:

 i made a plastic stencil to trace out all of the pieces and to put the marks for the brads, but if your only making a few you could just print it on paper and trace the outline with a sharpie. all of the faom and the brads came from michaels. the brads are "metalic medium circles" by recollections. Any plastic cup with a 2 1/2 to 3 inch diameter should work but it would be best to find one that you can staple through.

Step 2:

 First use one of the strips of sticky foam to bond the bottom of the toe. For the party i will have the kids use a total of three sticky strips a 2 and a half inch on the toe, a 12 inch going around the heel and a four inch up the back of the ankle

Step 3:

  Next bend the side in to insert the first brad and bend it tabs out. do the same for the rest of the brads keeping the overlap consistent. you can add lines on the tongue to help align it.

Step 4:

 place the rest of the sticky foam sole around the edge.If you used a 12 inch strip then cut the notch for the heel other wise angle it as shown in the pic. Then run a strip of it up the back. it may help to add a staple at the top before applying the back piece. it also helps if you leave part of the backing on the foam until its aligned.

Step 5:

bend the tongue and add a staple to force a bend.

Step 6:

cut a lace out of foam and lace it.

Step 7:

 place a cup in the shoe and staple it into place. thats it. If you plan on using it as a planter then i would use a plastic cup instead of the paper one shown. all thats left is to fill it with dirt choose some seeds, plant, water and wait.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    those shoes look so cute! i can't wait to make them =D
    thanks for the instructions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Cute, looks like a fun activity for the kids!