Introduction: WALL HANGER

Hi,I am monika and my friend anusha we are from white field nook.Today we will show u how to make wall hanger.



  • Giltter sheets
  • Color Papers
  • Scissor
  • Woolen
  • Beats
  • Fevicol

Step 1:


  • Take a glitter sheets and draw a outline of heart shape on the sheet.
  • And cut the glitter sheets in the heart shape.
  • Like this cut it in three different size.
  • Like that make three hearts.

Step 2:


  • Take color paper and roll it like a stick.
  • Like that make eight sticks.
  • And cut it in the small sticks.

Step 3:


  • Stick the glitter sheets on the top of sheets.
  • And Stick the woolen on the glitter sheet.
  • And tie it to the a4 sheet stick.
  • Now the wall hanger is ready.